mardi 26 juillet 2016

AMD introduces its Radeon Pro SSG which manages the 8K, 9999 dollars!

The main problem of professional graphics cards used by special effects studios is the current limit of 32 GB of frame buffer if this amount of memory would drooling any player is really fast insufficient for heavy work tasks, for example real-time preview of visual effects movies 8K. The studios are forced to temporarily reduce the quality of special effects to make the preview.

With two integrated connectors M.2, the Radeon Pro SSG therefore provides an original solution to this problem: cards with 1 TB or more of flash memory, connected directly to the GPU, become theoretically possible. Flash memory only works of course not in the same way that the HBM memory, physically Interposer but the performance gain is indeed real. AMD shows such as the Radeon Pro SSG can display video 8K at 96 frames per second while the FirePro strongest so far was limited to "only" 17 fps with the same definition.

AMD is unfortunately not very talkative about this Radeon Pro SSG. Impossible to know for example the amount of onboard memory HBM, or the exact GPU used (known as Polaris 10). The development kit for the Radeon Pro SSG is currently offered at a price of 9999 dollars. The availability of mass is however expected in 2017 to an undisclosed price.

We imagine that these cards will be prohibitively expensive for individuals but this technological evolution can not let the geek lurking in you insensitive. Will we see consumer graphics cards with M.2-SSD in the future? We'll know soon enough. 

mercredi 29 juin 2016

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ArcGIS Earth 1.2

ArcGIS Earth is off to a great start with thousands of downloads and an engaged community of global users. We are happy to release the 1.2 version and excited to share some of the new key capabilities that deliver on many of your requests. You can now use ArcGIS Earth offline and connect with more of the data in your organizations. Here are some highlights:
Map Banner
Support for more 3D data: ArcGIS Earth now supports integrated mesh data and large continuous meshes, generated by Drone2Map for ArcGIS and companies like Vricon, Pix4D, and Bentley Systems. Add multiple elevation surfaces and set your own basemaps.
Offline use: Add mesh and 3D object layers using Scene Layer Package (SPK) files. Bring imagery and elevation through local files. Whether offline or online, CSV/TXT files and drawing elements can be saved as KMZs.
More enhancements: Set measurement units in application settings for coordinate display, distance, and area. The workspace save directory location can be saved, and workspaces can be recovered from previous saves. 
source ESRI
Dowload here 

mercredi 15 juin 2016

World WIND simulation

world wind simulation a globe with more than 10 options to look at real wind activity, sun livels..,34.83,3000/loc=8.273,34.960

Trying my.SketchUp for the first time in firefox browser

Already it has made a revolution in the field of 3D modalization with this easy manipulation within the reach of everyone, even for children under 10 years yes I speak of Sketchup.

 I requested a test for the new Trimblesketchup online service known to my.sketchup, and after waiting less than a day, the nice people of Sketchup have sent me an email which confirmed my application for this new application, the testing is done on firefox, are always bugs! as you'll see from the video, but one thing to say the service is very developer, and I think that bringing the facility known Sketchup already known worldwide as the 3D modeling tool without competition in the cloud, will not wear a little more but a real big plus for Trimble sketchUp in general and especially so today you can mold without resorting to methods of installation, directly on your web browser prefer

 Déjà il a fait une révolution dans le domaine de modalisation 3D avec ça simple manipulation a la portée de tout le monde, même pour les enfants de moins de 10 ans oui je parle de sketchup
 J'ai demandé un essai pour le nouveau service de Trimblesketchup en ligne connu sous le nom de my.sketchup, et après une attente de moins d'une journée, les gentils personnes de sketchup m'ont envoyés un e-mail qui a confirmé ma demande pour cette nouvelle application, le teste est fait sur firefox, y a toujours des bugs ! comme vous allez le voir sur la vidéo, mais une chose à dire le service est très promoteur, et je pense que ramener la facilité connu de sketchup déjà connu dans le monde entier comme l'outil sans concurrence de modelage 3d sur le cloud, va porter pas un petit plus mais un vrai grand plus pour Trimble en général et sketchup spécialement, donc dès aujourd'hui vous pouvez modeler sans avoir recours au méthodes d'installation, directement sur votre navigateur internet préférer

mardi 14 juin 2016


What is my.SketchUp?

my.SketchUp is the core SketchUp modeler, tuned to work in modern web browsers. Draw, orbit, push-pull: make anything you can imagine in SketchUp, anytime you imagine it.