jeudi 5 juillet 2012

From all of us (ALGERIANS) We wish you a Happy 5TH of July!

From all of us (ALGERIANS) 

We wish you a 
5TH of July!

The Algerian Revolution (Arabicثورة الجزائرية‎ Thawra Al-Jazā’iriyyaFrenchGuerre d'Algérie, "Algerian War") was a conflict between France and Algerian independence movements from 1954 to 1962, which led to Algeria gaining its independence from France. An important decolonization war, it was a complex conflict characterized by guerrilla warfaremaquis fighting, terrorism against civilians, the use of torture on both sides, and counter-terrorism operations by the French Army. The conflict was also a civil war between loyalist Algerians who believed in a French Algeria and their insurrectionist Algerian Muslim counterparts.[2] Effectively started by members of the National Liberation Front (FLN) on November 1, 1954, during the Toussaint Rouge ("Red All Saints' Day"), the conflict shook the foundations of the French Fourth Republic (1946–58) and led to its eventual collapse.
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