jeudi 6 septembre 2012

TEDxAnnaba City 2.0 : XPOSTER

TEDxAnnaba City 2.0 : XPOSTER, un projet une idée 

to revitalize the city's old buildings which are actually the most beautiful, and to give the community an open platform that can be a connecting place where we can all contribute on developing the city's urban and artistic aspects.
our project consists on making a community collaborative project:
basically what we do is crating a platform and inviting people to take pictures of old or abandoned buildings around the city and publish them in our website to allow creatives to imagine them differently or for other use such as future libraries, museums, centers, making virtual prototypes of themanything that can give back life to that structure,after that we chose the best prototypes and print them the result is :
by offering the best of what the local community can do in terms of urban creativity, we inspire and push people to donate in order to raise a fond for making these changes really happen.
after having enough X POSTERs in town we aim to put in architects and designers hands a useful tool which is:
X POSTER APP: A simple application which is a map of our town with all the xposters
on it, in order to give virtual access to those prototypes and easily locate them.
A future vision of a building in a poster to hang on public city walls.

pas de site pas de nouvelles pour ce projet, mais initiative 
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