mercredi 26 septembre 2012

THE use of game engine for Urban planning (Cryengine3 and ENODO) Magic [Anglais]
As visual computing extends into more industries, real-time 3D worlds are changing fields like civil engineering, architecture, urban planning and transportation.
In order to keep you updated about our search in Designing Virtual Realities for Real Life Business Applications, this is our latest compilation of this year's projects, all extracted from our Real Time 3D Simulations of urban projects.

The virtual cityscapes shown here made it easy to visualize the changes that would result from a large-scale urban planning project, so that the impact of every design choice could be thoroughly considered, since changing any element of the virtual world is made easier with real-time 3D rendering that lets objects be moved and changes seen immediately .

Enodo DemoReel 2012   
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