samedi 30 novembre 2013

I relized then how deeply descrimination was planted in me


One day I hurriedly greeted a group of people
And after introduction..

I learned they were a group of princes and ministers

So I returned and said "apologies,I did't know"

I relized then how deeply descrimination was planted in me

And that some apologies are themselves, an act of discrimination...

All mankind are from Adam and Adam was made of clay

That was the begining...

As for ending "everyone will appear before Him alone on the day of judgment." (QURAN verse)

In between them you can admire yourself

and wear your fancy cloths and perfumes.

And call your foreign servant to bring your watch.

Which you adjust according to who you'll meet

This indian who passes by your street...

or the pakistani, or bengali ...etc

And the list continues...

perhabs they excel you in their humanity and intelligence and faith.

But it's only fate that brought them to your country seeking a living

You look with contempt at this poor person

For not polishing your shoes properly.

Walking to your car, you warmly greet a compatriot of your same tribe.

While driving, you disregard the other person's right of way

just because the other person has different complexion.

Reaching your office, you whisper to your colleague who's from your tribe and hometown.

"what do these Jizani's or Hijazi's or qasimi's or Bedouin want?"

And each marching to the beat of their own drum.

The beat expresses your proud family tree

That you use as a defense line whenever someone exceeds you in any aspect

when you return home exhausted, try to step over the sand barefooted

Try to step over the essence of your being.

Try to step over the origin your arrogant self.

Try not to throw your litter on the sand, for it is what you are truly made of.

Try to smell the sand, perhaps you'll resent this Soulless part of your being

Try again ,,, you may also step over a tribe of sand that used to be your own..

Try again, you may step over the head that once belonged to your master

Try to walk barefooted and when you stumble on your origin

remember those whom you degraded because of their looks or disability

Try to step harder on the mud, And if you hear a sound,,, tread softly

Perhaps you stepped over the remains of your lashing tongue

If you became exhusted, try to prostrate before Allah

And that sand left on your forehead,, is the origin of that person you despised.

Ghandi had a dream: to feed all the dark tummies rather than the racist colonizers

Mandela had a dream:to hear the voices of Africans chanting their national anthem

Martin Luther expressed his dream in his speech "I HAVE A DREAM"

that his four children should not be treated based on their colour.

Let's have our own dream

to have our light shining from within not from without.

And combine our varying colors into a beautiful painting.

like you, I long for the place where I played as a child, and cherished as a man.

like you, full of ambition and expectation and the desire to be remembered when I'm gone

like you, stung by words that judge me, in a country I don’t recognize

And in a place I don’t belong to.

A place that seprates me from my Hometown, vicinity and my local dialect.

Like you, I care about my little ones whom I left behind in order to earn their living.

like you, I return home where I'm a king after being a servant in yours.

I'm like you: although my tree is at the end, its shade stretches over the whole country

I'm like you. Even with less wealth and faded power.

I'm like you, hurt by arrogant looks, a condescending kindness, and cold handshake

I'm just like you, searching for compassion, but from the heavens

Oh God!

If I get your compassion I can endure everything.

And From dust we came, and to dust we shall return

""" translated by """" " yasser abdu" " @yes_sur2000"
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