jeudi 18 septembre 2014

S4U tocomponents 5.0.0

s4u tocomponents 5.0. 0 + s4u Transformer v1.0.0
Draw Lines To Components :
      Draw line to Component allows draw line and convert to components.
      Select 1 Face or 1 Component to draw
      Press Tab or Ctrl for change insert point
      Press Up,Down,Left,Right for mirror x,y axis
Lines To Components: 
      Lines to Components allows convert Lines to components.  
      Select 1 Face(or 1 component or no select for get default component )           and Lines to convert
Faces To Components: 
      Faces to Components allows convert Faces to components.
      Select 1 Component (no select for get default component) and Faces to convert
Group To Components:
      Groups to Components allows convert Groups to components.
      Select 1 Component(no select for get default component) and Groups to convert

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