lundi 18 août 2014

Software glitch: Microsoft warns of its own Windows Update

After a few days, Microsoft has pulled a just posted to Windows Update again from the market. The software had not only eliminates a security issue, but also brought the computer to crash.

With its monthly security updates released Microsoft on Tuesday also a file that was for some users to the problem. The update MS14-045 contained three security patches , one of which may cause an under certain conditions apparently too heavy unrecoverable failures. Users report crashes and startup problems.
The problem could be all Windows variants concern from Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003. Especially the 64-bit version of Windows 7 seems to be vulnerable to the resulting by the update. Sufferers report from a clean installation of the patch; when you restart the computer but is suddenly nothing more. A so-called Blue Screen of Death interrupts the boot process; sometimes the screen remains the same all black. Even a start in particularly robust "Safe Mode" is no longer possible many. Only an elaborate system restore to fix the problem.
The error makes 0x50 noticeable by the blue screen and the error message. There seems to be a problem with the font management, which is engaged by the update. Supposedly also users got this error message to face that a Microsoft update to support the new currency symbol for the Russian ruble had installed, reports " Computer World ".
Meanwhile, Microsoft has withdrawn the problematic update - and advises all those who already have it installed to uninstall ( instructions can be found here ). Whether one has the problem patch installed, you can learn about the update history .
Such update problems are not new for Microsoft. Only in October, it was hard on the group, as he update to a new version of Windows RT had to withdraw .
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